Grotberg Electric, Inc.


Your home’s electrical system isn’t like many other parts of your home. You can paint your walls easily, you can refinish your floors, and you may even be able to build a deck or remodel a room without much outside help. But short of easy household jobs like replacing an outlet, attempting DIY work on your home’s electrical system can be very dangerous.

So how do you know who you can trust? You don’t want just anyone in your home working on your wiring—you want to make sure the job is done safely and with pride. That’s where licensing comes in. Each state has their own electrician licensing requirements which set safety regulations and determine who can or cannot work on different types of projects. Becoming licensed takes training, experience, and testing with the state.

Grotberg Electric is fully licensed and bonded, and our team is made up of experienced electricians who you can trust. Here are 4 reasons you should always hire a licensed electrician:

1. Licensing means state certification: As we mentioned above, licensing requires certification by the state—an electrician earning a state license means that he or she has trained a certain number of hours, knows the state codes and regulations, and takes safety seriously. Though not the only standard for measuring electrical work, state requirements are stringent and all work must fit within a certain spec.
2. Licensing ensures that work meets certain quality standards: A DIY electrical job (or a job done by an unlicensed electrician) isn’t guaranteed to be of a certain quality—it could be well-done, but it could also very well be poorly-done and even dangerous. Licensing requires that certain work be done a certain way by people with proper training, meaning that your work is guaranteed to meet a standard of quality. That’s essential with something as critical as your home’s electrical system.
3. Insurance and inspections require licensed work: Selling your home and getting an inspection? Have homeowner’s insurance? In either case, you must be able to prove that your home is up to code. Work done by a licensed electrician will have a clear paper trail and clear quality. If any questions arise for an inspector or for your insurance company, you’ll be able to prove how the work was done, when, and who did the work.

Working with licensed professionals is always a good idea, but working with licensed electricians is especially important because of how dangerous faulty wiring can be. Your home’s electrical system is definitely something you want built and worked on properly, and hiring a licensed electrician goes a long ways towards making sure your home stays safe.